Monthly Archives: July 2007

Companies, Don’t Eat Your Brains

Until recently, I was spending a lot of time building one brand site after another. There’s nothing at all wrong about making a big deal and then building a one-off site. We were making money doing this, and making money is what a company is, ultimately, all about. Anything else is irresponsible …Read More

Broken Mac Wireless Driver in 10.4.10

Note: This post is regarding an issue that has since been fixed by Apple. If you’ve run this script, then please run the included to reverse the changes, and then get the actual patch from the Software Update command in the Apple Menu.

If you’ve upgraded to 10.4.10, and you use wireless (who doesn’t, …Read More

There’s no room for Ego or Zealotry in Software (especially on the web)

For the last several years, there’s been a lot of talk about why web standards are generally a good thing. And I agree with the vast majority of it. Writing clean code that sticks to a widely accepted standard is a very good way to help the future programmers who will invariably be …Read More