Monthly Archives: August 2007

Blueprint CSS Framework vs YUI Grids

I compare YUI’s Grids CSS with Blueprint. Blueprint is interesting, but has some pretty major problems as a CSS framework, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it on a production site. YUI Grids, on the other hand, is indispensable. …Read More

The New Spam: Broken Unsubscribe Methods

Want to not piss off your users? Don’t send them crap unless they really really want it, and make it easy for them to stop getting it. Here’s how mass-mailing subscriptions should work. Unfortunately, it seems that they rarely do. …Read More

YUI’s “Module Pattern” vs. Prototype’s Class Function

Via Geoffery Moller, I came across this article on Matt Snider’s blog. I’m surprised that no one noticed what (to me) was the most relevant difference in the libraries that he evaluated.

The “YUI method of class creation” is not distinctively YUI—it’s just what Javascript gives you for free. You can use the “Module …Read More

When will the Bubble Bubble burst? (Or: Who really listens to these pundits?)

So, I stumbled across an article by John Dvorak, who seems to think that we’re headed for another bubble burst in the next few years, and that it’ll be worse than the 2001 tech crash. In fact, he asserts that “Every single person working in the media today who experienced the dot-com bubble in …Read More

Phonetic English

If there had not been so much money to be so easily acquired in information technology, there’s a good chance that I would have pursued a career in linguistics. I’ve always been fascinated by languages, by the different ways that information can be expressed and understood in symbolic forms. Indeed, I think that’s …Read More

Marching to a Vertical Cadence

Regular readers will notice that this blog got a bit of a face-lift today. The obvious change is the addition of a background texture, but actually the biggest change is that I updated all of the elements to fit into a vertical em grid. Actually, I’m not all that thrilled with the background …Read More