Monthly Archives: October 2007

Required reading for web developers: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Some 50 years before the Internet was even a spark in TBL’s eye, Ayn Rand managed to capture the timeless essence of a web developer in the character of Howard Roark. Every web developer needs to read this book. …Read More

ADHD and Web Development

Is Attention Deficit Disorder a liability in the Knowledge Economy? I don’t think so. I’ve found it to be quite useful, in fact. The fact that ADHD is looked at as a problem at all just shows that our educational system sucks. …Read More

Top 5 CSS Mistakes

This is not a post about the top 10 mistakes that developers make when they write CSS. That’s boring.

The CSS spec itself is littered with mistakes. Deep, fundamentally misguided errors. Real head-slapping WTFs that make you wonder if the people writing the spec had ever created a website in their lives. …Read More

Real World Advice for Fledgling Web Developers

A fellow front-end engineer here at Yahoo! asked for bits of real-world advice that we would give to up-and-coming front-end engineering students. He’s doing a talk at a school, and was curious about what we’ve learned. It struck me as a perfect idea for a blog post.

Any other front-end professionals out there? What would be your pieces of advice? …Read More

Applescript for iTerm (and a request for help with it)

iTerm is a major part of my workspace. I’m a big fan of tabbed interfaces, and my fingers have gotten really good at the Apple-← and Apple-→ key combos to swap between them. I usually have three tabs going:

One that runs Unison in batch mode to keep my mac and BSD machines in …Read More