Monthly Archives: November 2007

CSS Modal Dialog that Works Right

In my last post, I touched on a method to get different browsers to handle the inline-block display style. I decided to use that on a project that I’m working on now that has a few modal dialogs. Modals are usually done wrong on the web, but I’m pretty confident that this approach does it right.

Feel free to skip all this and go straight to the example.…Read More

Cross Browser Support for inline-block Styling

Inline-block layout solves a lot of problems. It lets you do some cool stuff previously thought impossible with CSS. It makes vertical alignment work properly. And sadly, it’s supported pretty badly. I learned a new approach from one of the best insane inventor webdevs I know. The pieces have been out there for some time, it seems, but I hadn’t ever seen this spelled out as simply and elegantly as he did it. …Read More

Agile Scrum Sucks (but so do the alternatives)

Software development is not like manufacturing.

Chances are wildly against getting any software product out on time or under budget. My heart goes out to project managers and executives who are tasked with controlling the chaos. I understand why many of them might grasp at ideologies that promise to solve the problems, but Scrum rarely helps the odds.

If you’re doing software development right, you’re probably doing Agile wrong. …Read More

What Makes a Good Web developer, and how can you tell?

Luckily, I’ve never been a manager with people who report up to me. I’ve been a tech lead on a few teams, and quite frankly, I find that I prefer to be doing the coding than directing it. Managing is about 10% more money for 100% more work that is 100% less fun. …Read More