Monthly Archives: November 2008

How Not to Get Real (and die trying)

Recently, Auston of the Dashboard Leadlog startup in Florida posted a somewhat snarky blog post about one of the responses to a job opening at their company. I more or less said the same things that appeared on Hacker News. Eventually my comment may show up, but it’s buried at #20, so I …Read More

My Letter to Obama

It’s a bit off-topic for this blog, but it’s important.

Please head over to Obama’s website and let the new administration know what you expect from your government.

This is the letter I just sent.

Mr. President Elect Barack Obama,

We spend far too much money on policing the world with a network of bases. Our military empire …Read More

The Haiku OOO Email

When I started at Yahoo on the Games team, there was a custom that resonated deeply with me, which was started by Dean Yu.

All “work from home” emails or “out of office” emails had to be sent in the form of a haiku. This rule was not enforced, but it’s the kind of thing …Read More