I am Isaac Z. Schlueter. I am a web developer living in California, USA. I also run isaacschlueter.com, but I’ve decided that since no one can spell my name, it is perhaps wise to use a shorter url.

Additionally, in the years that I was learning about web development, I used isaacschlueter.com as a stomping ground, which has resulted in a lot of legacy stuff and weeds and code-rot. I decided that I could redesign the site, and provide all sorts of redirects to send things to their new locations, like I have in the past, but that it would be easier and simpler to just abandon ship and start fresh.

This site is my new(er) sandbox. Experiments will be kept separate from the blog. New features will be carefully scrutinized prior to inclusion. I am approaching this site with a “less-is-more” attitude.

Why “Foo”?

Foo is the canonical metasyntactic variable. When you write code to show code, you call your things foo, bar, baz, quux, and maybe asdf. Foo is “happiness” in Chinese, if pronounced right. Foo is never fubar. So many IETF RFCs use “foo” and “bar” that they wrote RFC 3092 on the etymology of the word. The Jargon File has a great entry on foo.

Glider EmblemWhy “Hack”?

Please read Eric Steven Raymond’s wonderful and insightful How to Be a Hacker and Paul Graham’s Hackers and Painters. A hacker is someone who will spend 2 hours to save 5 minutes of daily boredom. A hacker is someone who is not content to just say “it works, whatever,” and instead must figure out how and why. When a hacker gets a new cell phone, he goes through all the option menus before calling his mother (and probably never picks up the manual, unless something doesn’t seem to work right.) A hacker is not content to merely create functional software; the code must also be beautiful and elegant. A hacker is an artist in a medium where most others see only incomprehensible magic.

It seemed like a good fit.

But much much more importantly, “foohack.com” was not already registered, it is very short, easy to spell, and geeky. I searched for weeks to find something meeting those criteria, and while foohack was not my first pick, I’m extremely happy with it.

Why are your posts so long?

Because they’re more fun to write that way. I can’t do frequent regular updates these days. Using Twitter scratches that itch better, anyhow. I’d much rather write an essay about something interesting to me than just comment on the world in tiny bursts.

Typography! You’re doing it wrong!

That’s nice, thanks for sharing. If you just posted a comment to that effect, I hope you realize what a worthless douche bag you’ve just shown yourself to be.

It is so sad, but not only do your typographic opinions of this site not matter, they’re also incorrect. I designed this site based 100% on how I like text to look, and I made it look exactly like that. When my preferences change, so does the site. If you think I did a bad job, you’re mistaken. This is not a matter of opinion. I can prove it by asking my entire intended audience what he thinks, and hey, look at that! he just told the entire design team via telepathy that he loves it!

This isn’t an “agree to disagree” issue. This isn’t an “experts say so” issue. This is more of an “I’m right, and you’re wrong, if you don’t like it go fuck yourself” kind of thing.

Next topic.

How do I get an avatar on my comments?

They’re Gravatars. Go get one, and then use your gravatar email address when you post a comment.

Life is too short to maintain multiple avatar images.

Why’d you delete my comment?

Because it sucked, according to me. You probably used an obviously fake email address/identity, or you didn’t add any value.

If you want total control over what gets published, go start your own website. It’s pretty easy.

Intellectual Property Ownership

I write about work a lot. After all, I’m a web developer, and this is a blog about web development. But my opinions are my own. They’re not endorsed by or reflective of my employer in any way whatsoever.

All code examples shared in blog posts are licensed under the WTFPL license. Test pages can be used as inspiration, and you are encouraged to use the techniques you find in your own work. However, my writing and web development may not be copied wholesale, syndicated publicly, or reprinted in any public medium without specific written permission. You may not copy my test pages wholesale onto your own server. You may of course cite sections of text and comment in any place where you’d like with proper attribution and linkage. That’s public discourse, and fair use, and I heartily encourage it.

Can I use your glider favicon?

If you’re looking for a nicely anti-aliased glider icon in the standard orientation, in ico, psd, and highly compressed png formats, please use these instead, with my compliments. (Host them on your own site, though. If I see you hotlinking them, so help me god, I will totally swap out a goatse in there when you least expect it.)

I originally rotated the glider 90 degrees like that originally just to do something a little different for Foohack. Over time, it has come to mean “isaac”, both to me, and to other people who know me. I don’t know of anyone else using it in this particular orientation. If you want to personalize it yourself, you should know that the glider has a lot of different possible orientations.

I won’t say that I own it, but still. Please don’t use this glider. Thanks.

Privacy Policy

I’ll share everything you post here. Be advised.