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Things that do not work.

How Not to Get Real (and die trying)

Recently, Auston of the Dashboard Leadlog startup in Florida posted a somewhat snarky blog post about one of the responses to a job opening at their company. I more or less said the same things that appeared on Hacker News. Eventually my comment may show up, but it’s buried at #20, so I …Read More

Routers and Ethics

I just moved into a new apt, and my neighbor has a wireless router that is completely open (no MAC whitelist, not even WEP or WPA). shows me the Netgear login screen, and the default Netgear password works. Curious and a little concerned, I logged in and poked around.

They have all the …Read More

Hacking the Google Favicon

There’s been a lot of nerd rage about the new google favicon. I joined in with a rationalization for my distaste for their new design. After a few days of the lower-case “g” on a gray background, I decided today that I just couldn’t take it. Here’s how I fixed it, so …Read More

Going Fast, Frankenstein, and Refactoring

Very soon now, the project that has consumed my days for the last 6 months will go into public beta. It’s too early to pop the champagne, and that’s not what this post is about. However, the newness of this project is worth pointing out for the following reason: We’re already planning a fairly major refactoring effort to take care of a lot of code rot that has crept into the designs.

That’s right. We haven’t released anything, and there’s already enough bloat to justify spending at least 2 weeks cleaning it up. …Read More

Top 5 CSS Mistakes

This is not a post about the top 10 mistakes that developers make when they write CSS. That’s boring.

The CSS spec itself is littered with mistakes. Deep, fundamentally misguided errors. Real head-slapping WTFs that make you wonder if the people writing the spec had ever created a website in their lives. …Read More

Fix for Vi’s broken arrow key support in iTerm

Fixing the broken arrow-key support in Vi when using iTerm. Incorporating some help from comments I got when I first wrote about this problem elsewhere. Short answer: Set the default terminal setting to linux and everything Just Works. …Read More