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Things that do not work.

Whiting out ads: Is AdBlock even Necessary?

Some people are blocking Firefox users because they feel that the AdBlock Plus plugin is “tantamount to theft.” This attitude is woefully wrongheaded—even without the plugin, you can’t stop Banner Blindness. …Read More

Font Size vs Zoom — The only thing that’s wrong with YUI’s grids.css

It’s good to build sites that handle font resizing gracefully. However, the width of the columns on the page should not respond to font resizing, or else this damages the experience of the very users you were trying to help. (I’m one of those users.) Here’s why that is. …Read More

The New Spam: Broken Unsubscribe Methods

Want to not piss off your users? Don’t send them crap unless they really really want it, and make it easy for them to stop getting it. Here’s how mass-mailing subscriptions should work. Unfortunately, it seems that they rarely do. …Read More

Broken Mac Wireless Driver in 10.4.10

Note: This post is regarding an issue that has since been fixed by Apple. If you’ve run this script, then please run the included to reverse the changes, and then get the actual patch from the Software Update command in the Apple Menu.

If you’ve upgraded to 10.4.10, and you use wireless (who doesn’t, …Read More