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Code is the uglification of beautiful algorithms. Transparent code lets the inner beauty shine through.

Blueprint CSS Framework vs YUI Grids

I compare YUI’s Grids CSS with Blueprint. Blueprint is interesting, but has some pretty major problems as a CSS framework, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it on a production site. YUI Grids, on the other hand, is indispensable. …Read More

Javascript Style Tip: Use “in” and “delete”

Javascript provides two very handy operators, in and delete.

Consider this code fragment:

var obj = {

 foo : ‘quux’,

 bar : ‘baz’,

 doSomething : function () {

  // do something…



So, we’ve created an object, and then some other things happen. Later in the code, we want to remove the “foo” property, so we do this: = undefined;

Still later, we …Read More

The Most Important Things They Don’t Teach in CompSci 101 (but should): Maintainability

I stumbled across a great article about clean code from Jeff Vogel over at the IBM Developerworks blog site, via a /. article. Even more valuable was the How to write unmaintainable code article, which appears to have grown considerably since I first saw a version of it back in college.

A simple web search …Read More