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Complicated moving parts interacting with one another.

YUI’s “Module Pattern” vs. Prototype’s Class Function

Via Geoffery Moller, I came across this article on Matt Snider’s blog. I’m surprised that no one noticed what (to me) was the most relevant difference in the libraries that he evaluated.

The “YUI method of class creation” is not distinctively YUI—it’s just what Javascript gives you for free. You can use the “Module …Read More

There’s no room for Ego or Zealotry in Software (especially on the web)

For the last several years, there’s been a lot of talk about why web standards are generally a good thing. And I agree with the vast majority of it. Writing clean code that sticks to a widely accepted standard is a very good way to help the future programmers who will invariably be …Read More

Web Standards: Nothing Succeeds Like Success

This is a comment on the A List Apart article, Evangelizing Outside the Box: Web Standards and Large Companies, by Peter-Paul Koch. I posted the comment on their site on June 04, 2007.

I work at a mega-gigantic web corporation (10,000+ employees across the world, and hundreds of millions of users.) While we don’t exactly …Read More

The Most Important Things They Don’t Teach in CompSci 101 (but should): Maintainability

I stumbled across a great article about clean code from Jeff Vogel over at the IBM Developerworks blog site, via a /. article. Even more valuable was the How to write unmaintainable code article, which appears to have grown considerably since I first saw a version of it back in college.

A simple web search …Read More