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Cascading style sheets, the code that makes web pages pretty (or not.)

Font Size vs Zoom — The only thing that’s wrong with YUI’s grids.css

It’s good to build sites that handle font resizing gracefully. However, the width of the columns on the page should not respond to font resizing, or else this damages the experience of the very users you were trying to help. (I’m one of those users.) Here’s why that is. …Read More

Blueprint CSS Framework vs YUI Grids

I compare YUI’s Grids CSS with Blueprint. Blueprint is interesting, but has some pretty major problems as a CSS framework, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it on a production site. YUI Grids, on the other hand, is indispensable. …Read More

Marching to a Vertical Cadence

Regular readers will notice that this blog got a bit of a face-lift today. The obvious change is the addition of a background texture, but actually the biggest change is that I updated all of the elements to fit into a vertical em grid. Actually, I’m not all that thrilled with the background …Read More