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CSS vs Tables: You’re Doing It Wrong

Definitions first.


A specified set of columns and rows with cells that automatically and fairly smartly expand to fit their contents; cells can span rows or columns; the table as a whole can be treated as one block, and cells can contain tables. A table is a metaphor for visually laying out 2-dimensional content.


cascading style sheets; …Read More

Programming Puzzles and Our Mismatch Problem

In interviewing candidates for programming jobs, a common technique is to ask them to solve some programming puzzle. Makes sense, right? If the guy’s smart enough solve random silly questions, he’s probably good at programming, since that’s most of what programming is.

As it turns out, this bit of common sense is common bullshit. …Read More

Hacking the Google Favicon

There’s been a lot of nerd rage about the new google favicon. I joined in with a rationalization for my distaste for their new design. After a few days of the lower-case “g” on a gray background, I decided today that I just couldn’t take it. Here’s how I fixed it, so …Read More

Steal My Bash Profile

Feel free to skip the monologue and just get the goodies.

I am in love with the Bourne Again Shell. Bash is a fantastic terminal environment, and a very interesting programming language in its own right.

I grew up using DOS. Unix shells always seemed scary and foreign, for some reason. I think a …Read More

Open in TextMate in Finder for Tiger

This post has a great little droplet that can be added to the Finder toolbar to open either the selected items or the current Finder folder in TextMate.

Sadly, it doesn’t work in Tiger, and I haven’t made the jump to Leopard yet. If you’re a TextMate user who’s still on Tiger, and wants this …Read More

CSS Modal Dialog that Works Right

In my last post, I touched on a method to get different browsers to handle the inline-block display style. I decided to use that on a project that I’m working on now that has a few modal dialogs. Modals are usually done wrong on the web, but I’m pretty confident that this approach does it right.

Feel free to skip all this and go straight to the example.…Read More