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Analysis of the subtleties of designing software to be used by humans.

Routers and Ethics

I just moved into a new apt, and my neighbor has a wireless router that is completely open (no MAC whitelist, not even WEP or WPA). shows me the Netgear login screen, and the default Netgear password works. Curious and a little concerned, I logged in and poked around.

They have all the …Read More

Whiting out ads: Is AdBlock even Necessary?

Some people are blocking Firefox users because they feel that the AdBlock Plus plugin is “tantamount to theft.” This attitude is woefully wrongheaded—even without the plugin, you can’t stop Banner Blindness. …Read More

Font Size vs Zoom — The only thing that’s wrong with YUI’s grids.css

It’s good to build sites that handle font resizing gracefully. However, the width of the columns on the page should not respond to font resizing, or else this damages the experience of the very users you were trying to help. (I’m one of those users.) Here’s why that is. …Read More