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On creating quality institutions that facilitate the continued creation of quality software.

CSS vs Tables: You’re Doing It Wrong

Definitions first.


A specified set of columns and rows with cells that automatically and fairly smartly expand to fit their contents; cells can span rows or columns; the table as a whole can be treated as one block, and cells can contain tables. A table is a metaphor for visually laying out 2-dimensional content.


cascading style sheets; …Read More


David Spade will forever have a special place in my heart for what he did in the movie Tommy Boy. I’m not sure if it was his creation, but in that movie, Spade delivered a line that added one of my favorite words to the english language:

My fellow nerds and I will retire to …Read More

Companies, Don’t Eat Your Brains

Until recently, I was spending a lot of time building one brand site after another. There’s nothing at all wrong about making a big deal and then building a one-off site. We were making money doing this, and making money is what a company is, ultimately, all about. Anything else is irresponsible …Read More

There’s no room for Ego or Zealotry in Software (especially on the web)

For the last several years, there’s been a lot of talk about why web standards are generally a good thing. And I agree with the vast majority of it. Writing clean code that sticks to a widely accepted standard is a very good way to help the future programmers who will invariably be …Read More

Web Standards: Nothing Succeeds Like Success

This is a comment on the A List Apart article, Evangelizing Outside the Box: Web Standards and Large Companies, by Peter-Paul Koch. I posted the comment on their site on June 04, 2007.

I work at a mega-gigantic web corporation (10,000+ employees across the world, and hundreds of millions of users.) While we don’t exactly …Read More