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The management of people and money, and the choices that lead to the creation of new wealth (or don’t.)

When will the Bubble Bubble burst? (Or: Who really listens to these pundits?)

So, I stumbled across an article by John Dvorak, who seems to think that we’re headed for another bubble burst in the next few years, and that it’ll be worse than the 2001 tech crash. In fact, he asserts that “Every single person working in the media today who experienced the dot-com bubble in …Read More

Companies, Don’t Eat Your Brains

Until recently, I was spending a lot of time building one brand site after another. There’s nothing at all wrong about making a big deal and then building a one-off site. We were making money doing this, and making money is what a company is, ultimately, all about. Anything else is irresponsible …Read More

The Art of the Resume: Why You Probably Shouldn’t Use MS Word

A resume is an advertisement. You are selling your time and attention, and trying to get some potential employer (who is a buyer, and a potential customer) to purchase said time and attention at a competitive price. Advertisements exist to make someone want something.

Most engineers aren’t all that savvy about the subtle art …Read More