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Steal My Bash Profile

Feel free to skip the monologue and just get the goodies.

I am in love with the Bourne Again Shell. Bash is a fantastic terminal environment, and a very interesting programming language in its own right.

I grew up using DOS. Unix shells always seemed scary and foreign, for some reason. I think a …Read More

Applescript for iTerm (and a request for help with it)

iTerm is a major part of my workspace. I’m a big fan of tabbed interfaces, and my fingers have gotten really good at the Apple-← and Apple-→ key combos to swap between them. I usually have three tabs going:

One that runs Unison in batch mode to keep my mac and BSD machines in …Read More

Fix for Vi’s broken arrow key support in iTerm

Fixing the broken arrow-key support in Vi when using iTerm. Incorporating some help from comments I got when I first wrote about this problem elsewhere. Short answer: Set the default terminal setting to linux and everything Just Works. …Read More

Broken Mac Wireless Driver in 10.4.10

Note: This post is regarding an issue that has since been fixed by Apple. If you’ve run this script, then please run the included to reverse the changes, and then get the actual patch from the Software Update command in the Apple Menu.

If you’ve upgraded to 10.4.10, and you use wireless (who doesn’t, …Read More