The Internet is (today) a 16 year old child

The web today is in its teenage years.

When you were a baby, you had one name (if even that, as far as you were concerned), and a very small network of people that you knew and trusted completely. Access equals trust for a baby. Identity is not worth thinking about, because it’s so …Read More

Steal My Bash Profile

Feel free to skip the monologue and just get the goodies.

I am in love with the Bourne Again Shell. Bash is a fantastic terminal environment, and a very interesting programming language in its own right.

I grew up using DOS. Unix shells always seemed scary and foreign, for some reason. I think a …Read More

Open in TextMate in Finder for Tiger

This post has a great little droplet that can be added to the Finder toolbar to open either the selected items or the current Finder folder in TextMate.

Sadly, it doesn’t work in Tiger, and I haven’t made the jump to Leopard yet. If you’re a TextMate user who’s still on Tiger, and wants this …Read More

OpenSocial, Meetings, and Success

It’s a very interesting time for me at Yahoo! right now. I’d been keeping quiet about what’s going on for two big reasons. First, I’ve been too busy working to write about it. Second, it’s secret.

Well, as of 2008 March 25, it was a secret. This press release broke the news …Read More

Needed: chpass, finger, and pw for the web

It’s been said that the best startups take a popular Unix command and bring it to the web. But there are a few that are poorly represented. I understand that I may be making a bad career move by discussing this openly on a blog, but quite honestly, my desire as a consumer for a satisfying product is enough to risk—-nay, hope—-that someone else makes a million dollars doing this before I get a chance to.

Yahoo! Buzz

I’m a little behind in posting this, since it’s been live and in the media for a while now. Go check it out:

It took a lot of work to pull this thing together. Monday night was the craziest month of my web development career, culminating in this tweet posted as I finished pushing …Read More